Jeauveau (Newtox) announced something very exciting this past February. Can you guess what it could be? Yep, you know it. Jeuveau (pronounced Jū-vō) officially got the FDA seal of approval, making it the 4th product on the market resembling BOTOX. But, the more important question is, why is it different? 

How does it stand out from its counterpart, Botox? Is it really worth the hype? It was specifically designed and marketed to be like Botox. With its sharp new vibe, it is targeted to appeal to the “softer” side of aesthetics. It doesn’t come with the possible negative connotations that Botox once got and it brings a whole new feel to the meaning of aesthetics and cosmetics.  The main goal behind Newtox was to create the space for cosmetic spas and beauty spas to share common grounds.

As you could probably tell, Jeuveau can be hard for some to pronounce, so the company has coined it NewTox, an easier term for patients to understand and pronounce. 

How will Newtox compare to Botox? We have to wait and see. It seems likely both of these products are great with consistent results. I think physician adoption (using it in our clinics) and patient feedback will likely determine the outcome. There’s no difference in the way it’s used. In fact, we can use it the same way we use Botox. Patients may not even notice a difference in terms of procedure! 

So now that we get the basic idea about Newtox, have there been studies done on  this Botox-like substance? The answer is yes. 

Interestingly enough, the FDA actually required that the manufacturer of Newtox had to demonstrate that it performed as well as Botox, which it obviously passed quite easily. While it’s hard to yet say whether Newtox outperforms Botox over the course of several years, it’s definitely gotten a good head start. 

However, there is one particular study that exists between the first generation Korean toxin product (Nabota) that preceded Jeuveau and Botox. In that study of the older formula, the Korean toxin slightly outperformed Botox in its cosmetic effects on patients.

If you are interested in reading more on Newtox, check out the Jeaveau page to find out more.

Sculptra: All You Need to Know

Regretting all those years you spent out in the sun? Or maybe wish you had been providing yourself with the proper nourishment so the damage wouldn’t be showing through the aging of your skin.

Regardless, it happens to everyone.

No need to stress. 

With experience comes years of stress and breakdown. We put others before ourselves often times leading to a lack of sleep and proper nutrition. I mean, we try our best, but sometimes other things in life take hold. It’s okay. All of these factors (and don’t forget genetics, too), can have a negative effect on how youthful our skin looks. Maybe it’s not fair. But with Sculptra Aesthetic, you can take control of your skin health again.

You see, after the age of 30, our bodies natural collagen production significantly decreases. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. The same amino acids that our skin, hair and nails are made up of are the same amino acids found in collagen. 

Being FDA-approved, Sculptra Aesthetic can help increase your collagen so much so that it can help repair the underlying structures found beneath the surface of your skin.  We all know that as we age, our skin becomes thinner and thinner. Gulp. Sculptra helps to soften the appearance of our more pronounced features (such as your cheekbones, eyebrows, etc.) It can fill out facial grooves and hollows that can even appear on your temples. Sculptra Aesthetic, helps the collagen build back up in these areas, causing the skin to become stronger and more youthful.

Yes please!

Sculptra makes a subtle, yet noticeable difference allowing you to add more fullness without the risk of an unnatural look. Of course, this depends on who you go to as well. At Adore Aesthetix you know you are getting the best care, leaving our office feeling soft and refreshed. 

Clients leave feeling like a brand new person after their Sculptra treatment and it only continues to improve as it begins to set it. You see, Sculptra emerges gradually and it can last for about 2 years! If you don’t see immediate results yet, don’t be alarmed. It’s taking it’s time to work its magic without an unnatural look. 

Clients rave about this FDA-Approved way to increase the soft, youthful look they once had. It’s extremely safe. In fact, it’s actually made up of a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid that is absorbed naturally by the body and has even been used for years in dissolvable stitches! 

Interested in learning more about Sculptra Aesthetic or our other services? Find out more today.