Can Radiesse Migrate?

You may have concerns about Radiesse shifting to an undesired area of your face. This is an entirely valid concern because maybe you only prefer volume in a specific location.

Should I Be Worried?

As you are probably already aware, Radiesse is a long lasting dermal filler which builds up mass and volume to level out mild to harsh wrinkles. Radiesse’s main ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite. Recommended areas include smile lines (nasolabial folds), marionette lines (corners of mouth), pre-jowl folds (sides of chin), and chin wrinkles.

The effects of Radiesse are irreversible immediately after the injection, however the body dissolves the ingredients naturally. It consists of microscopic calcium based particles hanging in a water based gel (These particles are just like minerals normally found in the body, meaning you are more than likely not allergic).

If you are concerned about Radiesse permanently affecting you, do not worry. The body absorbs and disposes of the gel and particles. It goes away over a period of time, approximately a year or year and a half. Radiesse is able to achieve long-lasting results because it activates the natural collagen production in your skin.

Does Radiesse Shift?

Radiesse typically does not migrate. It is difficult to say for sure because of so many different situations; but most plastic surgeons agree that it does not migrate because of how deep it is injected into the skin. A widely cited research test from 2005 observed no migration from injection sites. It simply stayed put.

Sometimes patients may mistake swelling from the injection for migration. Swelling in the skin might occur near the injection site. This is not unusual and it may take time for the product and any swelling that may occur to settle. The only area it has been reported to migrate is in areas very close to the lips.

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