ExoGlo® Hair Restoration

The world of regenerative healing has come out with a breakthrough for hair loss: ExoGlo®.

Using exosomes, which the body produces to aid in cell communication, this new injectable looks to be more powerful than PRP and is signaling a bright future for regenerative medicine.

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About ExoGlo® Exosomes For Hair Growth

The road to preventing and reversing hair loss has been a long one and though methods have been improving for some time, they’re often very painful and very expensive. Hair Transplants leave you with lots of pain and months of downtime while medications such as finasteride alone can only do so much. A breakthrough has come our way to end this stalemate and it’s called ExoGlo®.

So what is it? Well, your body produces little sergeants called exosomes. These exosomes communicate with other cells and whip them into shape. The cells react to the signals the exosomes send to change what they’re doing and what they’re producing.

Over time this system disappears and the communication suffers due to a lack of exosomes; ExoGlo® reintroduces proper communication with the cells.


Exosomes aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either. Along with communication, exosomes can also do things such as carry protein through any barriers that a cell would not have access through as well as other interesting tasks. They provide growth benefits outside of hair restoration as well since the cells are now communicating better. They’re also very small and quick, meaning they can survive in the bloodstream undetected.

When we add to the scalp, it gets the marching orders to start growing hair. As with all medications it won’t magically give you a full head of hair, but the results so far have outshined other methods.

All of our ExoGlo® injections are performed by Sarah Kurts, a highly-qualified, board-certified physician assistant. She’ll be able to walk you through the process, discuss your options and decide which is best for you. Given early results, ExoGlo® is a likely choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair growth starts in 2-3 months and you’ll likely see results in 3-6 months, though it depends on both your genetics and whether you’re already taking medication for regrowth such as finasteride or minoxidil. If you are taking medication then it will boost growth.

Anyone with serious medical conditions should check with their doctor before getting treatment.

Not only are the exosomes extracted right here in the United States, but the production follows standards outlined by the FDA as well as the American Association of Tissue Banks.

The exosomes are isolated from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Over 63,000 peer-reviewed papers have been published on bone marrow-derived MSCs.

The exosomes contain over 1,000 regulatory proteins (growth factors), Messenger RNA (mRNA) which regulates inflammatory cells and new vessel formulation, and Micro RNA (miRNA) which can inhibit chronic inflammation and tumor production.

There are over 10 billion exosomes per mL so a total of 10 to 50 billion exosomes, depending on the size of the vial..

No NSAIDS are allowed for 3 days prior and up to 21 days after your procedure. While NSAIDS don’t outright destroy the exosomes, they do lessen the effects of the procedure.

You’ll want to drink lots of fluid one day before the procedure. You’ll have breakfast on the day of the procedure and avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen and any other NSAID 3 days prior and 3 weeks after.

Exosomes remain in your bloodstream for 6-8 months, though hair growth will continue throughout the year and potentially longer!

Yes, early results for use on Alopecia Areata have been tremendous.

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