How Long Does Restylane Lyft Last In Cheeks?

No one can escape time. Sagging skin is a fact of life. Time gets us all. Or so we thought. Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine is a facial filler that can put the effects of time on pause and rewind wrinkles.

What is Restylane Lyft and how long does it last in cheeks?

As we age, the natural fats in our skin deteriorate. More visible wrinkles form, and cheek fullness seems to disappear. It leaves you wondering where all of that fullness disappeared to.

Restylane Lyft is a filler designed to be used in areas around the cheeks, mouth, and nose. It adds form and shape to the cheeks while reducing wrinkles. As one of the more popular injectables, Restylane Lyft has made a noticeable difference in patients’ cheeks for up to 12 months.

The indentation lines around the corner of the mouth and up to the nose are known as nasolabial folds. Commonly referred to as laugh lines or smile lines because they are most noticeable when smiling. These folds deepen and become prominent as we age. Restylane Lyft has been shown to improve these nasolabial folds for up to 6 months.

A blind study conducted by doctors showed it improved patients’ cheek fullness for at least a year. The benefits will last for as long as the filler remains. The filler gradually dissolves from the body just like any other product with natural ingredients does. Speaking of ingredients, what is in this filler? Well, this magic wrinkle eraser is all thanks to Restylane Lyft’s modified hyaluronic acid (HA).

What in the world is Hyaluronic Acid?

Acid? Is that even safe? While it’s a good idea to question everything entering your body, hyaluronic acid is simply a sugar (polysaccharide) found naturally in the body. This is a natural part of your skin’s connective tissue. It is responsible for keeping skin moisturized and soft. This natural substance already exists in the body. Which goes without saying it also is non animal-based and free from animal protein. In fact, Restylane Lyft is the first and only FDA-approved HA filler designed to treat your face and hands.

You might have heard or seen it called Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine. This medication is used to decrease pain by numbing a specific area. Only 0.3% of the injectable gel contains lidocaine. This small amount is all that is necessary to ease discomfort during and after injections. The relief offered lasts up to 60 minutes after injection. Depending on your volume needs, most Restylane treatment appointments last less than an hour and begin to work almost immediately.

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