How Many Syringes of Bellafill Are Needed For Acne Scars?

As unforgiving as puberty was to many of us, what was more unforgiving was being left with deep acne scars for a lifetime. Luckily, however, there are ways to treat those by helping your skin rejuvenate itself. Today we’re going to take a look at Bellafill in regards to Acne Scarring:

How Does Bellafill Work for acne scars?

You might have heard of Bellafill in regards to smile lines, but it’s also exceptional at treating acne scars. Put simply, it’s a blast of collagen to the area that needs it. Collagen is created by your body to give your skin elasticity and a youthful look and has a bigger presence when we’re younger.

Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than the basic explanation above. If you want the scientific explanation on how it works, look into PMMA microspheres. Once the collagen gets reabsorbed by your body, it leaves PMMA microspheres in it’s place to provide structural support to your skin. We inject something that your body produces and leave behind microspheres to hold the change in place.

How Many Syringes Are Needed For Acne Scars?

Since an amount is injected into each individual scar, one syringe covers about 9 acne scars. If additional treatments are needed, they’ll typically be about 8 weeks apart as we don’t want to inject more than one syringe at a time.

Turnaround for results is extremely fast, side effects typically last 1-7 days and include some bruising and swelling as well as other possible side effects. On top of that, Bellafill works equally well for all skin types and genders.

Bellafill is not the easiest injection to administer, but our board-certified physician assistant Sarah Kurts has been doing this for a very long time and will make sure your questions and concerns have been answered.

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