Is Juvéderm For Lips?

You’re not alone. Everyone wakes up one day reminiscing about the features they once had in their younger days. For some people, that’s a full head of hair; for others, it’s something as simple as youthful looking lips. Whether you’re noticing more vertical lines, a wrinkled texture, a flatter shape, or just less fullness, Juvéderm dermal fillers can help you love your lips again.

Since Juvéderm is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is found in abundance in the body, it’s an excellent option for either restoring your youthful look or creating a new natural look for your lips. Because the Juvéderm line of fillers is quite expansive, it can be confusing to decide which product to choose.To help you take the first steps towards youthful-looking lips, we’ll review the Juvederm options that are best suited for lips.

Which Type of Juvéderm is Best For Lips?

When it comes to lips, everyone has different preferences. Some people want the full, luscious look that comes with Juvéderm Ultra Plus®. That’s because Ultra Plus provides a voluminous lip that will help you stand out from the crowd and give you that ‘wow’ factor.

For those that are bothered by flatter lips and a loss of contour, there’s Juvéderm Ultra® which can provide natural volume and restore symmetry When the goal is to rejuvenate your lip’s natural beauty without adding too much enhancement, Juvéderm Ultra® is an excellent choice.

And finally, we have Juvéderm Volbella®. This product is best for smoothing wrinkled texture, adding subtle volume, and filling those annoying vertical lip lines (known as smoker’s lines). . Volbella is preferred by those who want to give their lips a fresher, younger look with just a bit of fullness. This is possible due to the built-in lidocaine which is an anesthetic that provides comfort during and after treatment.

Will Juvéderm Give me a Natural Look?

If you want that natural look that Juvéderm fillers can provide, there are multiple options. Our experts will help you select the product that is best suited for you, but in general the most natural look is provided by Juvéderm Volbella® and Juvéderm Ultra®. If you have naturally plump lips and want to restore that fullness, then Juvéderm Ultra Plus® might be the best option for you.

It’s entirely dependent on your situation though, so your best bet would be to sit down with our Board Certified Physician Assistant Sarah Kurts to help guide you on the best course of action. This is not a decision that you need to (or should) make on your own, so it’s best to get the advice of a professional before moving forward.

We know that the world of injectables can be overly scientific and confusing at times, and we’re here to help. If you’re ready to take your first step then reach out to us at (303) 513-0196 or book your appointment directly online.

We’re looking forward to helping you gain the happiness you deserve.