Juvéderm Fillers

The Juvéderm collection of gel dermal fillers add volume and provide lift for your lips and cheeks. This facial filler helps to restore contour for a more youthful profile.

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Types of Juvéderm Injections

Juvéderm is a series of injectables designed to deliver life, youthfulness and volume to your lips and cheeks. While injectables such as Juvéderm Voluma® focus on plumper, livelier cheeks, the other three products all revolve around making your lips plumper and more full of life than ever.

In the realm of lips, we offer three products that are all suitable in slightly different situations. Juvéderm Ultra® addresses flat lips with vertical wrinkles while Juvéderm Ultra Plus® restores collagen and gives a “luscious” look. Meanwhile, Juvéderm Volbella® is used for general aging and lip symmetry. We’ll guide you on which injectable would work best for you. 

Lip lines, wrinkles, collagen breakdowns, flat cheeks and general loss of volume are natural parts of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Let’s start the journey to a happier you.

We pride ourselves as being the most trusted place in the Denver area where you can count on getting the newest and best filler options like Juvéderm. When it comes to making you feel not just younger, but better, no one could care more.

But caring and concern are just part of our credentials. It seems everyone is getting in on the filler injection game, but can you trust what they promise?

All our injection procedures are performed by Sarah Kurts, board-certified physician assistant. Board certification is an extra step taken by medical professionals as an assurance to their patients of their knowledge of the latest advancements in their specialty and their desire to practice at the top of their field. Few can make this claim.

So if the lines in your lips are letting you down, let Adore Aesthetix and Juvéderm lift you up!


  • Juvéderm Ultra $699 / syringe
  • Juvéderm Ultra Plus $699 / syringe
  • Juvéderm Voluma $799 / syringe

Frequently Asked Questions

Like Juvéderm Ultra® and Juvéderm Ultra Plus®, the basic functions are the same. However, Juvéderm Ultra Plus is a more dense form of this cosmetic injection. It is also the most cross-linked version.

Hence, it has a greater filling-up-volume effect where cheeks, lips, naso-genian folds, general folds, and very deep nasolabial folds are concerned.

Both are formulated from Hyaluronic Acids and are made by Allergan.

Juvéderm Ultra® smoothes out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds while Juvéderm Voluma®, the only product FDA-approved for the mid-face, adds volume and creates a lift to the cheek area.

You should stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and fish oil supplements for 2 weeks prior to injection, to decrease your risk of bruising at the injection site.

For Voluma® treatments, you should not have any dental work for one month prior or two months after your Voluma® injection. If you are taking any other blood thinners, please inform Sarah during your visit.

We do not recommend any injectable treatment immediately prior to a special event.

After the procedure, there is minimal recovery or downtime. You should see an immediate improvement in the treatment areas. Most patients need one treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing.

One treatment could smooth your lines and wrinkles for up to 1 year! However, results may vary and correction is temporary. Supplemental treatments may be required to achieve and maintain optimal results. Risks include bruising at the site of injections.


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